Configuration File

In your appdata/authelia folder you will find configuration.yml

You MUST edit this file to suit your environment. We strongly suggest you watch our video along with this guide to help you understand how it all works.

The sample provided in this guide has been tested and verified to work, however, it is strongly advised to read the official docs on the configuration to ensure it meets your requirements (

Creating Users

You have two options when deciding how you want users to exist for Authelia.

Option 1 - Using a simple YML file with the user's encrypted credentials that Authelia can read.

Option 2 - Allow Authelia to read from an LDAP database such as FreeIPA or Active Directory.

NOTE The choice is yours, however, keep in mind that only one option can be used. Decide which option works for you and make the edits in the configuration.yml, under the "authentication_backend" section, by commenting out the option you do not want to use.

Option 1 - Using a Users Database File

In the sidebar, you will find the file named 'users_database.yml'.

  1. Copy the file content into appdata/authelia/users_database.yml.

    You MUST edit this file.

  2. Adjust the file to the user you would like to sign in as. For help see here:

    1. Changes include the username and display name, for example.

  3. To generate the hashed password, open the terminal in Unraid

    1. Type in the following (replacing 'yourpassword' with the password you want for the user):

docker run --rm authelia/authelia:latest authelia crypto hash generate argon2 --password 'yourpassword'
  1. Copy the hashed password that is generated and paste it into the users_database.yml file as replacing the one in the template we provide.

  2. Remember to comment out the 'ldap' section in your configuration.yml since you are not using it.

Option 2 - Using an LDAP database

If you prefer to use an LDAP database to read users from, you can do so by using the LDAP configuration in the sidebar.

  1. Choose the type of LDAP you are using (i.e OpenLDAP, Active Directory or FreeIPA). We have a video guide on creating a FreeIPA server here and also a video on how to set up OpenLDAP here. --ADD-LINK-TO-VIDEO-HERE--

  2. Edit the contents to suit your environment, where necessary

  3. Replace the LDAP section in the Authelia configuration.yml with the new one

  4. Remember to comment out the 'file' section, since you are not using the users_database.yml file.

OpenLDAP / phpLDAPadmin

Want to see an OpenLDAP and phpLDAPadmin section here? Let us know in Discord or in the video description!

Starting Up

At this point, you should start the Authelia container and read the logs.

Test that you can reach the WebUI of Authelia (http://SERVERIP:9091) and can log in or set up 2FA.

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