Docker Folders

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  1. Head to the Community Applications store in Unraid

  2. Unraid 6.12.3 or Lower. Search for and click to install 'Docker Folder' from GuildDart's Repository.

  3. Unraid 6.12.3 or Higher. Search for and click to install 'Folder View' from Scolcipitato Repository



  1. Head to your Docker tab and scroll to the bottom to click 'Add Folder'

  2. Select Advanced View from the top-right corner

  3. Give your folder a name

  4. Upload an Icon (optional). If you want to use animated icons (recommended) see Animated Icons below.

Select the next few checks and toggles (all others are default):

  1. Container/VM Preview:

  • Select Icon Label:

    • Make text orange on update

    • Add show log icon

    • Add show webUI icon

    • Preview advanced context menu

      • Graph mode: Combined

  1. Status icon autostart

  2. Check the Docker Containers you wish to have listed in this folder.

  • A container can only exist in one folder at any one time.

  • If you create a folder later and check an app which is already in an existing folder, it will move it to the new one.


  1. Head to your VM tab in Unraid

  2. Follow the above steps for Docker

Animated Icons

If you wish to use animated icons, Hernandito has made some amazing ones for the community found here:

  1. Select the colour scheme you want to use (or different ones if you like)

  2. Navigate into the folder for that colour scheme (i.e. Orange-Collection)

  3. Click on the icon you want to use (i.e. orange-binoculars.svg)

  4. Right click the image and select "Copy image address" (or relevant option for your browser)

  5. Paste the link you just copied into the Icon field in a Docker Folder which you are creating or have already created

  6. Submit

  7. Enjoy!

Final Product

Unraid Dashboard

Docker Tab

Final Words

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