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Feature List

  • Usenet support for any Newznab compatible indexer, including Headphones VIP

  • Torrent support 400+ trackers & more coming soon

  • Indexer Sync to Sonarr/Radarr/Readarr/Lidarr, so no manual configuration of the other applications are required

  • Indexer History and Statistics

  • Manual Searching of Trackers & Indexers at a category level

  • Support for pushing releases directly to your download clients from Prowlarr

  • Indexer health and status notifications


Docker Container

  1. Head to the CA Store in Unraid

  2. Search for Prowlarr. You have two options - The Linuxsever Repository or Hotio's Repository

  3. Set the Network Type to your custom Docker network

    • To do this, open the terminal in Unraid and type (Where 'somename' is anything you'd like to call it.):

docker network create somename
  1. Check the port and appdata location meet your needs

  2. Apply & Submit


  1. Select Add Indexer

  2. Choose which Indexer you want to use

  3. Give it a name

  4. Select the suitable app profile

  5. Set Download Link to magnet

  6. Sort requests from the site as you prefer

  7. Set the priority this indexer should be treated. 1 is the Highest, 50 is the lowest. Default is 25.

  8. Test and save if successful.

Apps (*arr)

  1. Go to Settings > Apps

  2. Add an app, in this example Radarr

  3. Give it a name

  4. Choose the sync level. Add and Remove Only: When it is added or removed from Prowlarr, it will update this remote app. Full Sync: Will keep this app fully in sync. Changes made in Prowlarr are then synced to this app. Any change made remotely will be overridden by Prowlarr on the next sync.

  5. Apply any relevant tags

  6. Add your Prowlarr server details. If using a custom docker network that both Prowlarr and Radarr are on, you can use the name of the container. Otherwise, use the IP of the server. i.e. http://prowlarr:9696

  7. Configure the same for the Radarr server as above.

  8. For the API key, in Radarr, copy the API key by going to Settings > General

  9. Test & Save if successful.

Download Clients (optional)

If you intend to do searches directly within Prowlarr, you need to add Download Clients. Otherwise, you do not need to add them here. For searches from your Apps, the download clients configured there are used instead.


  1. In Settings > General > Security, configure an authentication method (if you don't place on securing it via any other methods).

  2. In Settings > General > Proxy, set any Proxy settings if you have a VPN/proxy setup

Final Product

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this guide. It was conceptualized, written, and implemented by our Admin Sycotix.

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