Unraid Dedicated Server Hosting for RUST

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Here are the minimum requirements for 24 players.

  • An HDD, SSD or NVMe cache or dedicated drive with at least 10 GB’s of free space

  • 4+ CPU Cores (2.0GHz+)

  • 6 GB of RAM

Unraid Docker Template

Rust / ich777 / GameServers


This guide assumes you have already installed the Community Apps plugin for Unraid and know how to port forward on your router.

Install Rust

Below is an example of how to set up the template

Done, click “Apply” and let the container install. Wait several minutes before configuring the server, keep an eye on the logs, the download can take very long depending on your download speed.

Now that you have waited several minutes for the game to download, you should be able to query it from the Steam Server Browser:

Click on View ⇒ Servers

Click on “Add Server”

Enter your unRAID IP followed by the port like “IP:PORT” and click “Add This Address To Favourites” (replace "YOURUNRAIDIP" with your unRAID IP)

Click once more “Refresh” and your server should just show up

Port Forwarding

Now that you have completed everything above, you will now need to forward the ports, so friends can join.

  • 28015 UDP - GamePort

Modifying your server

Always stop the container before editing!

The game files are located in: /mnt/user/appdata/rust

Enable Oxide Mod

To enable the Oxide mod to enable further modding, simply go to the template from RUST and set the value "Enable Oxide Mod" to "true":


How do I host a private server?

Don't forward the ports in your router and the game will be LAN only.

How do I change the server name/description?

Go to the template and change the value for the Server Name and Server Description:

How can I become server admin?

There are two roles in RUST available:

  • ownerid - sets the owner and gives full control over the server

  • moderatorid - sets the moderators and gives full control over the server except for setting new owners

To become a server admin

  1. Go to the directory /mnt/user/appdata/rust/server/my_server_identity/cfg

  2. In that folder, create a file called “users.cfg”

  3. Put in "ownerid" followed by steamID64 and a brief description in double quotes like:

    • ownerid 76561197963117432 "theadmin"

  4. You can get your steamID64 here by typing in your username and click “lookup”

  5. Start your Server

My server isn’t appearing in the list of servers!

Make sure all the ports are forwarded correctly with the appropriate protocol.

Don't translate ports from for example 28015 to 28016 in the template, this won't work in most cases and for most game servers, to change the port do the following:

Open up the Docker template and delete the port forwarding for UDP

Click on “Show more settings …”

Change the value at GAME_PORT to the new port that you want to use (in this example, we are using 28016)

Delete the default UDP Port with the value 28015

Create a new port mapping with the Host and Container port 27016 and also make sure to select UDP and click on “Add” like:

Click on “Apply” to apply the new settings Here is an overview of what you have to do in the template:

Learn More About Server Settings

Additional Support for the Container

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