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New share

Create new Unraid share wekan



There seems to be an issue with the latest MongoDB container. Before you install it, please add version 4.4.7 to the end of the image repository like this mongo:4.4.7

Install the app “MongoDB / Taddeusz' Repository / Network:Other”. Check that the port is free. No other changes are needed in the template.

Wekan Installation

Install the app

Install the app “Wekan / Kru-X's Repository / Productivity”

Template settings

Variable ROOT_URL: (change local IP and port to your choice)

Later it needs to be changed to the external https://wekan.yourdomain.com address

Variable MAIL_URL: (see the example, use is optional)

Variable MAIL_FROM: (see the example, use is optional)

unRAID Share Path: /mnt/user/wekan (point to the share created for Wekan)

Container port: 5555 (or whatever else you choose. ROOT_URL needs to be updated if not 5555)

Variable MONGO_URL: mongodb:// (match your local IP and port for the MongoDB installed earlier)

To see the variable for MONGO_URL you need to click on Show more settings ...

Switch to advanced view and delete --link "MongoDB:db"

First launch

  1. Launch the WebUI

  2. Click on register. This will allow you to create your account. The first user registered is also an admin.

  3. Click on your name top right, choose “Admin Panel”. Under Settings / Registration, you want to disable the self-registration for now by checking the box.

Have fun, invite people, and get organized!

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