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Powerful features

IBRAMENU offers various automation features to deploy common self-hosted applications quickly and easily.​
The public menu works locally, syncs with our repository and is completely open source
Proven, tested system
The menu uses easy to understand Bash scripting to achieve wonderful results
Free & Open Source
Community collaboration is key to IBRAMENU's success. The code is available for all to enjoy and modify
Easy to use
The guides menu makes it easy to select and install all of your favorite apps and tools in seconds
Endlessly scalable
Powered by Docker and Compose, easily deploy, migrate and scale whether at home or in the cloud.
Fast Deploy and Deliver
Maximize your time savings and minimize boring, repetitive app deployment today!

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Support us

If you would like to help support our work please check out our Supporter Edition.

How it works

Install - Run the install command once on Ubuntu or Debian. Use bare metal, VMs or LXC containers, the choice is yours.
Launch - Once the script is installed, launch by typing 'ibramenu' - no reboot necessary!
Deploy - Choose the apps or tools you need and IBRAMENU will handle the rest, powered by Bash and Docker Compose!
Update - Update the menu by typing 'ibraupdate', and get the latest version. IBRAMENU will also inform you on new updates!


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New features, Feedback and Bugs

Have a feature that you want added? Want to give us feedback? Found a bug? Love your feedback, please use our feedback platform:
We happily use Canny as our professional feedback tool. But there is no dark theme (yet). Be warned before you click the link


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